Aphrodisiac Desserts

For millennia, it has been known that certain foods have an aphrodisiac affect on most humans. And although these effects are not long-term, they are very effective in improving any relationship or sexual experience.  Over the years, there have been a number of scientific studies on the effectiveness of aphrodisiacs. These aphrodisiacs come in many different shapes and sizes. For the most part, many of them are actually popular desserts. There are also regular meals that have some effect as well as numerous fruits and vegetables that have been known for their aphrodisiac influences.

Different kinds of foods are capable of changing a person’s disposition. Some foods can make somebody upset, while others can make them irritable. Certain foods can make somebody happy while others can arouse sexual desires in a person. This all comes down to the chemical reaction which occurs in our brains after we eat certain types of foods. These foods release different types of chemicals in the body that affects us all differently.  Certain foods are capable of triggering the body to release endorphins into the bloodstream. These endorphins are responsible for transmitting electrical impulses through our nervous system. They are also directly responsible for our sex drive and the feeling of arousal.

Not only do these aphrodisiac desserts and foods help to improve our sexual experience, but they also have a positive effect on our overall health. When endorphins are released into the body, our cholesterol is reduced substantially. These endorphins also increase our metabolism which causes us to burn through more calories; even when sitting still. There are many, many positive benefits to consuming aphrodisiacs on a regular basis.  Any type of food which gives us a sensual indulgence when consumed is considered an aphrodisiac. For example, honey is a sweet and delicious condiment, which when consumed, tantalizes taste buds in a way that sends shivers down our spine. It is also the main ingredient in a popular dessert known as baklava.

Baklava itself is considered an excellent aphrodisiac dessert. It is very simple to prepare, and when made properly it can send anyone into sensual bliss. Not only does it taste great, but within milliseconds of being consumed endorphins are released through the body arousing desires that were never thought possible.  Even chocolate brownies are considered to be aphrodisiacs. Both chocolate as well as nuts are popular aphrodisiac ingredients. When you combine multiple ingredients that are considered to be aphrodisiacs into one easy-to-swallow dessert, you are able to improve the experience even more.

Many fresh berries including blueberries, raspberries as well as strawberries are also aphrodisiacs. These can be combined in numerous different ways with other ingredients such as with cream to make an excellent dessert that will send anyone into a sensual bliss.  So when you want to truly arouse the person that you love, start by giving him something great to eat. From the very first moment that take place the aphrodisiac desserts in their mouth, the endorphins are released and they become completely hooked on you.

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SovietLover is a freelance writer based in United States who has researched several dating sites for women since 2007 and participated in the development of several dating events to share experiences and knowledge. He is a keen reader and article writer at Sovietmate Marriage Agency (www.sovietmate.net an online CIS dating site). When he has the time, he enjoys riding bicycle and swimming. He can speak and write English and Spanish languages.

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