Avoiding Shyness On A Date

So – you’re on a date and things have got a little awkward. You’ve run out of things to say. How to you save things and avoid coming across super shy?

1. Give Her A Compliment

I used to be enormously shy myself, but one thing that always broke the ice was when the guy would pay me a compliment. That moment of acceptance momentairly jars your brain and kicks you out of the super shy feeling. Make sure it’s something lovely though, perhaps about her lifestyle or personality, rather than just looks.

2. Ask An Open Question

Stop with the yes/no questions and ask something that actually requires some thought to respond. Questions establish a basis for effective communication and effective questions open the door to understanding. The art is to know which questions to ask and when. Definitely go for ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions and she’ll feel that you are interested. Make sure you don’t stray onto any conversation topics that might be a little too risque at first however 😉

3. Listen, Listen (oh, and Listen)

When a woman starts to talk about her favourite topics, many men will lose interest or try and steer the conversation away too quickly. This is a massive mistake and women will detect this! Women love to exchange jokes and anecdotes as well, and perhaps she’s currently on her way to telling you an interesting story. Give her a chance to finish and you will be rewarded.

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