Dating Online Is Not A Contest

It’s time for some people reading this to grow up. The word of online dating is not a competition between competing males vying for the attention of a female. You need to be in the mindset of finding rather than winning. It’s not school anymore and your attitude is the most important asset you have. Remember as well; your ideal of the “perfect man” is unlikely to be the same as your ideal woman’s view.

So what is it that women want, I hear you ask? It’s an age old question and if I could answer it then we could all go home now and be happy ever after. Being a female myself, what I can tell you is a few things women definitely DON’T want!

1. Women want confidence, not arrogance. There is a big difference here. You need to like yourself for whom you are, be confident in being yourself and not being self deprecating. You absolutely must not come across as if you’re a gift to them. They don’t like the idea you think they’re God’s gift from heaven. That’s one heck of an expectation to live up to and women just don’t need that kind of stress.

2. Women want communication. Strong and silent really doesn’t get you too far in the long run. It’s not appealing or original and they probably think the same about you if that’s the attitude you take. Women want you to be interesting and fun to be around.

3. Women are not a prize. So many men I’ve been on dates with to discuss on-line dating seem to think that women are their trophy. They want to be the ONE woman you want to be with; not the only one that responded.

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