How To Turn A Girl On


For guys, arousal is often linked with physical attraction and sexual variation. For girls, things are a little more complex.
There is an element of pure sexual attraction, but to turn a girl on and arouse her properly, there is more than meets the eye.

You see, for a girl to become aroused, it starts from within, and you must excite her mind as well as her body. Don’t worry, follow my advice below and you’ll get her tingly in no time.

Before we go any further, the most important thing to know is that a woman will take longer to become aroused than you as a man. Just because you are ready to go, doesn’t mean she is. Don’t be selfish, take your time, and ensure that you have ensured she is ready before moving any further.

Remember that every girl is different. What works for one will differ for another. Variety is a key factor in keeping both of you happy and leading to you both having better orgasms.

Start the game of arousal as early as you can. Perhaps send flirty texts and messages to her during the day whilst she’s at work. The naughtiness of having these thoughts in a typically sex-free location, plus the fact that she knows she can’t have you yet, will heighten her desire throughout the day. Make promises of all the things you would love to do to her, be cheeky, fun and flirtateous.

Ensure when you do see her you start with light, soft and sensual touches. Caress her gently, and kiss her for slightly longer than you usually would. Arouse her as much as possible before you’ve even made it to the bedroom. You may find she’ll be rushing you in there and whipping your clothes off before you even blink!

Once you’re together, take things slow. Foreplay should not be rushed. Spend a few minutes extra at this stage than you usually would and you will have a much better time during intercourse. Take advantage of the areas she is most sensitive in; ears, neck, thighs. Pay special attention to anything you know she already loves. Whisper in her ears and talk dirty if you think it’s something she will enjoy.

All in all, remember to take it slow, but strongly. Don’t let her mind wander too far during foreplay, both of you need to keep focussed.

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