Successful Online Dating #1 – Creating A Great Profile

Did you know that two in five single people in the UK now use some kind of online dating service? That’s 40% of all singles! Unfortunately, the percentage of these people who actually find a real partner as a direct result of online dating is very low – probably less than 10%.

Why’s this? Well, it is true that some sites are better than others; they have more traffic, they are better to navigate; they just ‘work’ whilst others just do not. Some are all about the ‘local’ matches or quick-fire dating such as Tinder. But what really matters is how you use a site when you actually sign-up to one. Take my word for it, unless you take the five simple steps that I’m about to outline, you may as well do something more productive with your time than join a singles site. What I’m about to say may sound obvious and rather simplistic, but you’d be surprised at how many people do not bother doing the ‘obvious’. So here goes…

1. Create A Great Profile

This is the most important aspect of your dating site experience. Don’t leave it at ‘Nice guy seeks great girl for trips to the park’ – how boring does that sound? Take the time to say something about yourself, your lifestyle, your interests and the type of person you’re hoping to meet here. And remember to sound happy, upbeat, fun and confident; if you’re miserable about your recent breakup, then keep it to yourself! This isn’t the time for modesty; if you think you’re pretty darn attractive, then be sure to say so. Humour is a real ice-breaker – if you can make someone laugh, they’ll be more interested in contacting you.


Come back tomorrow for tip #2!

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