Sunday’s Online Dating Profile Tip #1 – Don’t Leave Gaps

One thing I’m asked for a lot online is advice about dating profiles. I’ve covered some things before such as profile pictures. But here are a few extra tips that I’ll be posting out across the next week or so, so make sure to bookmark my page and check back tomorrow for more!

Online Dating Profile Tip #1: Don’t Leave Gaps

Many dating sites offer you boxes you’re meant to fill in with various bits of info. It can get boring I know typing all this in, but let’s face it, it takes maybe 5, 10 minutes to do? How long do you spend getting ready to go on a night out – if you’re anything like me it will be at least an hour. So why wouldn’t you do the same to increase your chances in the world of online dating?

Empty profiles look lazy. Like you couldn’t be bothered to spend 5 minutes typing out about yourself. It looks uninteresting too. So, I know it can be tedious, but do try and fill in your profile.

Whatever you do, don’t end on “Ask me for more”… I know you think it’ll encourage people to message you, but to be honest, it makes your profile look weak. If you’ve mentioned you’re a film-a-holic, then list some of your favourites (perhaps you’ll share a favourite and that might just encourage him or her to message you about a common interest). If you’ve mentioned travelling, then list a few places.. where did you go, why, with whom? It gives people more interesting things to go off and you’ll find it leads to better conversations.

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