The World Where It’s Impossible to Have a Blind Date

With the advent of modern technology, social networks and dating sites, it’s near impossible these days to have a blind date any more.

I was chatting to a female friend of mine the other day, who’d been setup on a date with a guy one of our mutual friends knows. She was telling me that the mutual friend had wanted it to be a surprise, as she thought they’d be a good match, but my friend just couldn’t help but search him out on her friends list on Facebook. Boom, surprise ruined. It left me wondering if it’s actually ruining potential matches before they even meet. Yes, you might look at this guy on-line and think maybe he’s not for you. But perhaps if you’d gone on that date, you would’ve got on like a house on fire and there’d be sparks flying all over the place?

I did a little research on-line after this, and found that people seem to say the more they find out about someone they are more likely to reject them. The fact is, that if they’d taken the time to get to know you and learnt your virtues and quirks with your personality they may have grown to love them, perhaps even found them endearing. The issue is, when you throw all that at someone as a first impression it’s likely to send them away screaming at 100 miles per hour!

It all comes down to disillusionment; and the fact that on a date you have several hours to perhaps explain how that funny story happened or what caused that rather embarrassing photo. But when someone can see all this upfront they can easily get the out-of-context view and take things the wrong way.

So next time you have the opportunity to meet someone without knowing anything about them, I think you should jump at the chance. If your friend is recommending the two of you get together after-all, they probably know more about you both than you think!

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