They are a Virgin, You’re Not. What to do?

So, the situation is this – your other half is a virgin but you’re not. How do you deal with this, do you tell your partner, will it effect your relationship? Find out now…

Lots of people have a past. Some better than others. It’s generally important in a relationship to ensure that you have mutual trust and understanding and it’s never a good idea to lie about your past as it will only end in hurt if your OH finds out.

However, one particularity sticky topic is the question of virginity. Some people feel they should wait for “the one”, for marriage or perhaps they just feel they’re not ready to be that intimate yet. The most important thing is not to pressure your OH into doing something they are not ready to do, just because your friends are or because you think it’s normal.

Quite often you may begin dating someone who has decided (for whichever reason) to remain a virgin. I would always say that it’s best to be upfront with your new partner about whether or not you are also. You don’t need to go into the minute detail of how many or when, but it will be good for them to know otherwise if you find out later and disagree over the issue it could definitely cause some tension.

It can be a difficult topic to breach, and it’s probably not worth mentioning out of the blue. I’d recommend waiting until the topic arises naturally and at which point you can let them know. Some partners also like to know a little about the sexual history of their significant other in case there is a chance they are carrying an STD, so also bear that in mind.

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