Tuesday’s Online Dating Mistake #2 – Thinking You Know The Person

Top Tip #2: Thinking You Know The Person
Tonight’s the night. You’ve arranged to meet (hopefully at a secure public location!) and you’re nervous and uncomfortable, but excited at the same time. Great, we’ve all been there and it’s one of the fantastic things about dating. Your date arrives and it’s a strange situation, as you’ve already talked quite a bit, probably about mutual interests and experiences. You feel you know the person yet at the same time you must remember they’re still a stranger. The voice you expected doesn’t quite match the photo. Perhaps they’re shorter or taller than you imagined. It’s like you know them, but at the same time they can still be completely different to what you imagined.

We can be easily seduced by online conversations with these fantastic people who seem to be our ideal match, but at the end of the day, you can only get to know someone face-to-face. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re closer than you really are. Take your time to get to know someone.

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