Walk Of Shame? Make It A Stride Of Pride

The walk of shame. It’s happened to the best of us. Let me explain how you can, with a bit of pre-planning, turn it into a stride of pride!

Let’s face it; most one-night stands are spontaneous. But us women don’t like being caught short, so if you’re like me, you probably carry some essentials with you – just in case.

Here’s what I ensure I have with me, when heading out for a night on the town:

Emergency Concealer
You’re probably going to wake up caked in last night’s make-up, which probably means all you need is some concealer and brightener to sort yourself out. A little dab under your eyes, and perhaps a few dabs across your cheeks and you’ll be looking fab.

Travel Sized Perfume and Deodorant
Not only useful for packing in your hand luggage, these mini deodorants help get rid of the horrendous sweat smell from all that exercise the night before! Check out some diddly perfumes too, or fill a small bottle with your favourite scent to ensure you smell as-good-as-new the morning after.

Spare Knickers
They’re probably down the back or the sofa. Or the bed. Or halfway up the stairs. Save yourself from having to run around covering your bits with a cushion and bring a spare pair of knickers.

An obvious give-away for a lack of sleep is those baggy eyes. Cover up with some sexy shades and no-one will be any the wiser. It’s like an instant facelift. Plus, they make you look cool, right?

Dry Shampoo
Your hair is probably also a mess. Bring a hair tie and pull it back is one way of hiding that sex-crazed hair-do. Another option is dry shampoo or powdered shampoo. Sprinkle or spray into your hair and watch the amazing transformation. Or don’t – because you probably don’t have a mirror.

The biggest signal that someone had a good night out is the fact they’re still strutting in their 4″ heels the morning after. Bring a pair of flats and you’ll be sorted for the walk home. You’ll definitely not regret this one!

Phone Charger
Give a friend a call, grab a cab, check the train times, whatever. It’s a lot easier when you can be in contact with the rest of the world.

Just remember, stay safe and have fun! There’s nothing better than that wonderful feeling the morning after a great night, if you know what I mean 😉

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