Wednesday’s Online Dating Mistake #3 – Ignoring The Signals

Top Tip #3: Ignoring The Signals
A week or so into a new flame and you are becoming slightly irritated by the emails and are not responding quite so readily. But he asks you if you want to come out for another evening and that heart leaps to your throat again. You agree even though there is a vague memory of discomfort from the first meeting. You try and remind yourself that all the dating advice recommends that it is about getting to know someone, and that it’s a journey, that you can’t expect to feel comfortable about everything immediately. He is suggesting dinner again, you don’t really want to but you are not sure what you want to do so you go along with it. You had arranged to see a friend that night but you tell her you can’t make it, she seems a bit disappointed but understands…

It’s amazing how quickly we can get ourselves into habits with relationships. We all like attention and human contact with people but what about the rest of your life? Anyone who might be for you will, you hope, want to share life with a person who has a balanced life and that includes all the other activities and people in your life. Straining towards exclusivity at a very early stage and throwing all your time and attention towards the relationship can be a disaster. Take things slow.

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