Wednesday’s Top Sex Tip #3 – Play A Game

Tip #3: Play A Game

No, I’m not talking mind games. Get a deck of cards out and play strip poker. Yes, it’s something you probably haven’t done since those teenage parties, but playing strip poker is a great way to get naked together. Drawing out the process that little longer just increases the feeling of anticipation, and who wouldn’t want that? 😉

Once you’re naked, keep on playing. Rules are simple: whoever loses means the other person gets to pick one sexual favour to be carried out there and then. Put a time limit on it for say 30 seconds.

This prolonged fore-play technique is great as it is simple and effective. By the time you are finished with the pack, you’ll both be insanely turned on.

It doesn’t have to be poker either, it can be any variety of card games with regular wins and losses. Snap is another great one as the high-speed play element just makes things more exciting!

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