Why Technology Is Ruining Your Relationship: Cheating is Cheating

So who’d have thought technology actually ruined relationships.

Well, it does. I imagine most of you probably think I’m going on the lines of your partner taking too many selfies, spending their life Tweeting or perhaps they’re too stuck it the world of Instagram. No, I’m on about internet infidelity.

The internet has made it far easier for people to meet, connect, hook-up, whatever. That’s great if you’re single, but if you’re in a relationship, the urge to cheat on your partner is higher than ever. The virtual world offers the convenience and anonymity that can prove too tempting for many to resist, even if they have a partner who is willing to have sex with them right there in the other room. There’s no physical contact, so what’s the problem? Is talking or flirting with other people on-line when you’re already in a relationship cheating?

77% of people would tend to agree, that any type of on-line flirting or cyber-sex is in fact cheating. Despite the many reasons a cheater could use to rationalise their activities, an overwhelming majority of people agree that cheating is cheating, regardless of the medium. It’s a new and puzzling grey area that has become such a big problem, it’s actually been the reason behind almost a third of divorce cases in the last few years.

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