Why Technology Is Ruining Your Relationship: We’re All Secret Stalkers

Again, technology is to blame here for the ease of access to information on people. Thanks to social media, it’s almost impossible to disappear completely anymore. Especially so if you share mutual friends, a college or University or perhaps have album after album of photos together.

More and more people are using Facebook and other social networking sites to stalk both ex-partners and potential new crushes. It may be a great way to see how they’re doing, find out some of their interests you can use later to chat them up or perhaps you just want to see what they look like at their best (and worst!). The problem is, and specficially when it comes to stalking ex-girlfriends or ex-boyfriends, is that it prevents us from getting over them and moving on in our lives.

Unfortunately, too much information can cause anxiety. Spot them in a photo with a new guy? Bet that winds you up, right? It can really hamper a break up if you keep an eye on what they’re up to. So, next time you need to get over someone, block them from appearing in your newsfeed, un-friend them, or go tee-total in the digital world. You’ll thank me later.

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